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We specialize in software quality control and assurance processes. In Qualitas we breathe agility; we strive to give users added values which strengthen the agile thinking of all parties involved. We are more than testing and QA. Qualitas: An agile lifestyle


Qualitas an Agile Lifestyle

Mission BeQualitas

We generate security, trust and continuous improvement, with agile and flexible strategies for objective and independent evaluation of software products and processes.

Vision BeQualitas

Thanks to the integrity of our collaborators and the implementation of strategies based on agility and transparency, we aim to be recognized for more than testing and QA, by 2024.

#BeQualitas Values

Commitment: Our commitment is to encourage agility while assuming the co-responsibility for the needs and risks of our users and their software processes.

Gratitude: We actively reciprocate to the efforts of our collaborators and to the trust placed on us by our users.

Appropriation: This is the basis for preserving our principles, those of our users, collaborators and partners. We embrace things as your own, and we care for them accordingly

Empathy:If something is important to you, it is also important to us. It is fundamental for Qualitas to have a spirit with a high capacity for listening, respect and objectivity which, in turn, benefits the human, professional and enterprise development of our colaborators and users.

Integrity: To #BeQualitas is to be ethical and ingenious. It’s to be efficient and transparent. It’s being able to communicate accurately. It’s to be more than a tester.

Adaptation: Everything evolves, and so does Qualitas. Not only we adapt to our users' methodologies, we also are attentive to the constant changes that give value to the continuous improvement of our services.

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International Estandar ISO/IEC 33000 Software Engineering Maturity Model

We are waiting for you Be more than a QA

We are waiting for you

Be more than a QA



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    Software testing is an intellectually challenging process! Our team is made up of unique human talent; passionate, enterprising, persevering, objective and intelligent people, who strive to do things well!

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